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The partner for local online advertising. We help businesses with multiple branches grow. We do this by boosting their brand and attracting customers to their local store. With local online display advertising that works.

This is how we do it…

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This is multi-advertising

With Multi-Advertising we reach the local target audience of each branch. With tailored advertisements for each branch displayed on well-know websites.

Local online marketing that works, because your ads are super relevant for the local customer.


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This is how it works

With Multi-Advertising you get tailored online display campaigns for all your branches. Each branch with a dedicated budget, catchment area, banner and landing page. These campaigns are managed centrally. This makes it easy for you to maintain a central overview and control over your branding.

Branch budgets are spent locally. This way your local branch managers see a return on their investment.


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  • reach local customers on premium websites
  • measurable results nationally and locally
  • retain control over branding at all times

Still a bit complicated? Take a look at our whitepaper!


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