Electronic Partner

About ElectronicPartner

ElectronicPartner (EP) is a leading franchise formula in the electronics industry. With over 100 operators under the label, it is now one of the larger formulas. EP distinguishes itself from competitors by making service a high priority. Sanne Knapen is online marketing manager at EP and is responsible for the campaign,

What was your challenge?

Knapen: “We moved to a new website structure. In this structure, each operator has its own “micro-site” showing the local supply, but with the appearance of the main label. We wanted to attract consumers to these local websites and make our local franchisees more visible. But how do you reach a large local audience without setting up 100 separate advertising campaigns for each franchisee?”

The assignment for Marqeting was clear:

  • Create visibility for local franchisees and their shop
  • Draw local consumers to the microsites
  • Create branding for the main label
  • Do this efficiently


To achieve these goals Marqeting used Multi-Advertising. With this technology local online advertising campaigns were set up for each local franchisee. Each campaign was set-up with a budget, catchment area and local banner. When a consumer visited a website, he or she saw a banner of EP. The location of the consumer determined which entrepreneur was shown in the banner. When the consumer clicked on the banner, he or she was linked through to the microsite of the same local EP franchisee.


We used banners with the appearance of the main label, but with a dynamic message. Consumer location determined which entrepreneur was shown in EP banner. This way we were able to reach the local target audience for each local store, with a local message. Always without losing the look-and-feel of EP, to secure branding.

The result?

We managed to generate a lot of traffic to microsites. The online result reflected in offline store visits. Knapen: “From our franchisees we got the best feedback. That makes us happy, because it is important for us that they understand what we do with their marketing fee. With multi-Advertising it is easy, because you can see the results for each store individually.”


Knapen:”This campaign was for us a successful test case. Thanks to the data supplied by the campaign, we can sharpen our next campaign. The cooperation with Marqeting was excellent. Despite some minor problems Marqeting is adequate in its communication and I could always turn to their team for advice.”