For media agencies

With multi-advertising we are distinctive in the market. But we have more knowledge and technology in place to complete your online display advertising strategy.

White label solution

Marqeting is ahead of the curve when it comes to local display advertising. Using our pioneering marketing tool Multi-Advertising you are able to offer you clients the latest technology in the area of display advertising. As a media agency you can white label and rebrand our technology. This empowers you to offer your clients the service they need in your own branding.


Transparant dashboard & reporting

Our transparent dashboard provides 24/7 insight into the statistics of your campaigns. This means you are up-to-date of performance at all times. You also receive recurrent reports that you can present to your clients.


Dynamic advertising

Relevant and personal ads with dynamic retargeting. The more relevant your ads, the better the results. With dynamic advertising your banners are tailor made for each visitor. The content of your banner is merged real time, based on countless parameters. Such as current promotions, the closest shop, the weather or the current time.

Dynamic advertising


With retargeting you turn lost website visitors into new customers. With dynamic retargeting you reach consumers that visited your website with tailored banners. This way your brand stays top-of-mind and you generate more conversions.

At Marqeting we build extensive profiles of your website’s visitors. Not only do we map last viewed products, but also preferences, interests and favorites. Based on these profiles we build real-time banners that completely complement the individual consumer. That’s maximum personalization with maximum results!


Video advertising

Say more with video advertising. Video advertising offers the possibilities of television but with the benefits of online. You reach a large audience with a video commercial on premium websites. We work with specialists that can help you create effective video ads.

Video advertising

Mobile advertising

Smartphones and tablets must be a part of your online advertising strategy. Marqeting helps you to get the most out of mobile advertising. For example, we can show your banners to customers on a specific location or around your store. Also it’s possible to reach a specific audience based on a location, such as an airport or university.


Digital radio

Digital Radio Advertising is an ideal tool for branding. Your advertisement is played on popular radio stations. Especially in combination with display advertising, digital radio is a powerful way to increase brand recognition. Marqeting adds the listeners of your radio advertisement to a retargeting pool for display advertising or other channels.

Digital radio

Digital out of home

Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) is the branding tool to scale up the number of touchpoints with your target audience. Your brand is visible on digital screens at metro stations, schools, airports and other public places.

Digital outdoor screens are viewed twice as often captivates 60% longer than printed outdoor advertisements. For extra reach it is easy to combine with an online display campaign.


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